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MERO MANAMA Lyrics in English by Samir Shrestha:Mero ManaMa(मेरो मन मा) is a song from the Nepalese singer, songwriter artist Samir Shrestha. The song ‘Mero ManaMa‘ is written and performed by Samir Shrestha himself whereas it is mixed, mastered, and arranged by RedMus. The official release for the song was on 19th November 2021. This project is managed by Garage Entertainment Nepal.

The artist Samir Shrestha has some popular hits to his name like Chaar dewar (चार दिवार), Kuri Basechu, and many more. Earlier this year in September 2021 he released a song named ‘BUJHIDEU‘ and as of writing this the song BUJHIDEU already has 100k+ views on YouTube alone.

Samir Shrestha through his YouTube also adds: “When we love someone and they don’t, we want to hold on to them and never let go. As much as it breaks/crumples the heart, love demands to let them go, love wishes to see them soar high with the clouds, love demands to let them go and find their happiness. For love is freedom, and it is supposed to set you free not chain you.”

Song: Mero ManaMa (मेरो मन मा)
Written and performed by: Samir Shrestha
Mixed/Mastered and arranged by: RedMus
Managed by: Garage Entertainment Nepal

MERO MANAMA Lyrics in English - Samir Shrestha - RedMus - Garage Entertainment Nepal - GeetKoLyrics
Source: Samir Shrestha / YouTube

Samir Shrestha Lyrics

“Mero ManaMa Lyrics”


Mero manama timlai rakhi sakye
Mera yaad haru ma timilaai sajhai sakey
Jana deu maya timilaai kasari?
Basana merai aangalo ma beri

Timra baat haru ma yo maan ramai sakyo
Timro lataa malai hera laagisakyo
Jana deu maya timilaai kasari?
Baachna sikayechu timlai paye pachi

Timrai muhar heri timrai chitra keri
Timrai baat haru ma sara sansaar bhuli
Hasairakhula timi lai jaso j gari

Janey nai hau timi roku kasari?
Ananta bhawana pokhu kasari?
Basaula maya timlai parkhera
Janey chaina ma katai badlera


Samir Shrestha – Mero ManaMa (मेरो मन मा) (Official Audio)


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