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MAILI (माईली) Lyrics in English by Ankita Pun: ‘MAILI’ is a fresh release song from the Nepalese singer-songwriter Ankita Pun. This is the second single from her upcoming debut album titled ‘MAILI’. The official music video of the song ‘MAILI’ (माईली) was released on 5th November 2021 through Purbanchal Rocks official YouTube channel. However, the song was already available to download/stream through Noodle Rex from 15th October 2021.

The song ‘MAILI’ (माईली) is written and performed by the artist Ankita Pun herself. Whereas it is arranged by Rohan Limbu Wanem and Sushan Jung Karki. And the song is mixed and mastered by Diwas Gurung. The official music video is produced by Media Port Production and it is a presentation of Purbanchal Rocks.

Noodle Rex writes: Ankita‘s vocal glides over the music flowing effortlessly through sections and when we envision the live version of this one, we imagine a dimly lit setting and a grand stage as we gaze endlessly into the silhouette and void. This is a sweet sonic ride.

Album: MAILI
Written, Composed, and Sung by: Ankita Pun
Arranger: Rohan Limbu Wanem and Sushan Jung Karki
Mixed and Mastered by: Diwas Gurung
Guitars by: Sushan Jung Karki
Drums by: Jay Ram Karki
Flute by: Ashish Maharjan
Sarangi by: Prince Nepali

MAILI Lyrics in English - Ankita Pun - माईली - Purbanchal Rocks Presents - Diwas Gurung - GeetKoLyrics
Source: Purbanchal Rocks / YouTube

Ankita Pun Lyrics

“MAILI (माईली) Lyrics”


Tadha tadha meri maayalu
Baato herdai holin
Farkincha kii bhani unii
Dinn haru gandaai holin

Tehi peepalu ko chhaya ma
Hami duii rameko
Samjhidai malai meri maya
Jhyalai ma basi tolaudi hun

Meri Maili, meri Maili

Bhawi kasto hamro
Tadhinu parne
Daiba ko khel bhani
Maan bujhaunu parne

Samaya ko sima naghera
Ma aaune chu
Karma lai dhatera feri
Daadha katne chuu

Feri peepalu ko chhaya ma
Hami duii ramaula
Pardesha bata farkera
Hami naaya sansaar sajhaula

Meri Maili, meri Maili


Ankita Pun – MAILI (माईली) (Official Music Video)


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