MAYALU SUNANA Lyrics in English – Samir Shrestha

MAYALU SUNANA Lyrics in English by Samir Shrestha: The song “Mayalu Sunana” is the latest released song from the Nepalese singer, and songwriter artist, Samir Shrestha. The song is written, composed, and performed by artist Shrestha himself whereas it is arranged and produced by Foeseal (Samir Shrestha X Foeseal). Mayalu Sunana (मायालु सुनन) with is lyrics video by Rupesh Shrestha was released on 7th February 2023 (Tuesday) through Samir Shrestha‘s official YouTube channel. The song is mixed, mastered, and recorded at “At Foes’s”. Whereas, the project is managed by Garage Entertainment.

Samir Shrestha through his YouTube writes: “Love is a beautiful feeling that can be expressed in many ways, and the way we looks at our loved ones is just one of many ways to show it. The gaze of someone who is in love can evoke a sense of warmth, tenderness, and passion and our eyes seems to express the depth and intensity of the feelings toward our loved ones”

Song: Mayalu Sunana (मायालु सुनन)
Written, composed, and performed by: Samir Shrestha (समिर श्रेष्ठ)
Arranged and produced by: Foeseal
Managed by: Garage Entertainment Nepal

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Mayalu Sunana (मायालु सुनन) by Samir Shrestha

Mayalu Sunana Lyrics

“Samir Shrestha Lyrics”


Mayalu sunana sakdina hola ma
Herna timilai usle jaastai
Mayalu sunana sakdina hola ma
Fakaauna timilai usle jaastai
Tara maya deula dherai maile timi lai
Sarir le saath diyunn jel
Hasai rakhaula ma timlai jasto sukkai
Bhayeni samaya ko khel

Mayalu, maya garchu kewal timilai
Mayalu, maya garchu kewal timilai

Mero yo maana ma
Yaada ko rela ma paauchu
Maile kewal timi lai
Ooth ma muskaan yo
Maana ma santoshayo chhaucha
Samjhada kewal timilai
Mero ta haaso timi
Khushi bani
Barsidiyau yo jeewan ma
Hasai rakhaula ma timlai
Kaathin jaati nai
Bhayni samaya hami maajh

Maayalu, maya garchu kewal timilai
Maayalu, maya garchu kewal timilai

(Najaanu hai taatha kaatai
Dinchu bhaye saabai
Maaya timi lai
Aapug bhaye aajhai
Liyu dinchu mero praadai
Maaya timi lai!) x2


Samir Shrestha – Mayalu Sunana (Official Lyrical Video):


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