Atomic Bush Reunion (2023): Guitarist Sunny Tuladhar Reveals The Big News On His Social Media

Atomic Bush is a progressive rock band formed in 2005 by members Sunny Tuladhar, Bibhusan Basnet, Abhisek Bhadra, Rajan Shrestha, and Alec Sciamma.

The band’s biggest hit was “Sano Prakash,” along with other songs like Men at work, The night away, Unfiled, etc.

They played a few shows and released only one album, P Jam. After only one year together, the band had to split up.

During a podcast interview with Sushant Pradhan (2022), Sunny Tuladhar said that the main reason for the band’s break up was the members’ conflict of interests. Since they were young at the time, their choices and priorities evolved as they grew up. Atomic Bush wasn’t their first choice of interest at the time.


The members went their separate ways after Atomic Bush’s split. Most members continued exploring music on their own.

In 2009, Sunny, Rajan, and Abhisekh reunited with two other musicians, Rohit Shakya and Kiran Shahi, to form another band, Jindabaad.

The band also participated in a global contest of bands called “The Global Battle of Bands.” Later, they released their EP called ‘Plastic Heart’ in 2011. Jindabaad became a renowned rock band in the Nepali underground scene.

But sadly, they had to split too. In 2017, Jindabaad reunited and started playing shows again. The group released its second EP in 2021 called Ulto Chalachitra.

The band has been together ever since.

Atomic Bush Reunion (2023)

In February 2023, Sunny Tuladhar shared a picture of the original band members of Atomic Bush and wrote,

“Who are these guys? What’s gonna happen in 2023? #atomicbush2023”

Further, Sunny shared moments together with Bibhusan and Alec in his  Instagram stories.

He also announced the official Instagram page of Atomic Bush.

The fans are super excited about this reunion. Sano Prakash has been a rock anthem for Nepali guitarists and musicians for almost two decades.

Stay tuned to our Instagram for more exciting news about this reunion.

Atomic Bush playing Sano Prakash live (2006):

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