Noodle — A Platform To Support Your Favorite Artists Directly

Noodle by Noodle Rex Nepal

Noodle is a digital platform that allows you to support your favorite artists directly. Created by a group of Nepali artist friends, it is the solution to music piracy in Nepal.

Many Nepali artists have a hard time making a record and selling them to their audience. Because of the lack of proper record labels, distributors, and online platforms in Nepal, artists struggle to create and distribute their work to the fans.

Even though platforms like YouTube and Spotify allow artists to put their music out, they are unable to make the money they deserve from such platforms. They put their heart and soul into creating the best music possible. So, the artists should be able to make a living doing what they do.

A musician is also a profession, just like a banker, engineer, or doctor. However, in Nepal, artists are not given the value and respect they deserve. Therefore, the introduction of Noodle is a huge step in the Nepali music industry as it gives the value that the artists deserve.

What is Noodle?

Noodle by Noodle Rex is a platform for Nepali audiences to support their favorite musicians by purchasing their songs, albums, and merchandise. It is a digital platform, which means everything is online.

Noodle Rex Website

According to its website,

Noodle advocates for protection, recognition and appreciation of the artist. By continually creating awareness around piracy and music rights, Noodle enhances the artist agency, supporting the artist to unapologetically own and create more music.


  • To disrupt this passive culture that contributes to artists leaving the scene.
  • To shake up the status quo.
  • And to bring together the artist and the audience, ensure the best audio quality for listeners, call attention to artist protection, and redefine the listening culture in Nepal.

How Does It Work?

Noodle has a transparent per download artist payment plan. First, you must sign up and create an account on the platform. Then, search for your favorite artists. After that, you can purchase their singles, albums, and merch directly from the platform.

It also has the feature of crowdfunding. So, artists can raise funds for their new projects, records, and other events. It is a good initiative in the Nepali music scene that can transform how artists create content for their audiences.

Furthermore, you can check out the artist’s biography and news and write reviews on their content too. Noodle supports payment options like eSewa, fonepay, Khalti, Visa/MasterCard, and PayPal. So the people living outside Nepal can also support their favorite artists through this platform.

International platforms like Spotify and Apple Music have been around for a long time. But the Nepali musicians still struggled to get their music out on these platforms. Moreover, both artists and audiences have difficulty complying with these platforms because of various reasons like payment gateways, app restrictions, and so on.

Now, Noodle is here to solve these problems. So sign up and start supporting your favorite artists directly.

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