PRASAMSHA Lyrics in English – Jybs Gurung

PRASAMSHA Lyrics in English by Jybs Gurung: The song “Prasamsha (प्रसंशा)” is a new release song from the Nepali singer-songwriter artist, Jybs Gurung (जिब्स गुरुङ). The song was released on 14th June 2023 (Wednesday) through Jybs Gurung’s official YouTube channel. Lyrics for the song Prasamsha is written by the artist Jybs Gurung himself. Whereas, it is arranged by Pozod. And the mixing and mastering is done by SNJV

Previously on 6th March 2023, Jybs Gurung released his song Aashu (आँसु) with its official music video directed by Sayun Shakya. And as of writing this in June of 2023 the song Aashu has more than 52k plus views on YouTube alone.

Song: Prasamsha (प्रसंशा)
Performed, Written & Composed by: Jybs Gurung
Guitars by: Storenutter
Arranged by: Pozod
Mixed and Mastered by: SNJV
Managed by: ClassX Presentation

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Prasamsha (प्रसंशा) by Jybs Gurung (जिब्स गुरुङ)

Prasamsha Lyrics

“Jybs Gurung Lyrics”


La hai, la hai, la haai
Gungunaucha bhaka timrai naama ko
Yo maana le, yo maana le
Sarangi le dhoon bajaucha
Timro yaada ko, timro yaada ko
Hawa sangai udaune kesha timro
Malai maan parcha, malai maan parcha
Jharana muni basda timi
Sarai ramro dekhincha, dekhincha
Sarai ramro, sarai ramro dekhincha dekhincha
Timi lai dekhincha, dekhincha timi lai

La hai, la hai, la haai
Aru sanga kahile pani tolidina ma
Kahile pani timi laai
Jaha janchau tetai hunchu eutai dharti ho
Bashana ma timi sangai tesaile
Lah hai, lah hai, lah hai!


Jybs Gurung – Prasamsha [Official Lyrics Video]:


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