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TIMI JADU GARCHAU Lyrics in English by KAVI G: The song ‘Timi Jadu Garchau’ is a new release and the fourth track from the talented Nepalese singer-songwriter, poet, and rapper, Bidesh Karki aka KAVI G‘s EP titled “Aaja Arko Panna Chyatincha“. The song was released on 6th October 2023 (Friday) through Kavi G‘s official YouTube channel. The lyrics for the song is written and performed by the artist Kavi G himself. Whereas, the song is produced by Young Shadow and it is mastered by Curse.

Previously on 22nd September 2023, Kavi G released the third track from the EP Aaja Arko Panna Chyatincha titled “Slowed and Reverb” in collaboration with Young Shadow. The song is also available to stream or download on all major streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music.

Song: Timi Jadu Garchau
EP: Aaja Arko Panna Chyatincha
Written and Performed by: Kavi G
Produced by: Young Shadow
Mastered by: Curse
Recorded at: Kefi Records

TIMI JADU GARCHAU Lyrics in English - KAVI G - Aaja Arko Panna Chyatincha EP - Bidesh Karki - Poem - HipHop - NepHop - Young Shadow - Curse - Kefi Records - New Nepali Song - Rapper - The Coolest MC
Timi Jadu Garchau by KAVI G

Timi Jadu Garchau Lyrics

“KAVI G Lyrics”


Timi jadu garchau, malai kaabu garchau
Ma kya jhukiyechu, timi baayu ma chau
Timi haaso thiyau, aaba aashu banchau
Timi jadu garchaau, malai kaabu garchau

Ma hami bhanthey, timi aafu mai thiyau
Mah ghayal bhaye, timi aaramai chaau
Ma dukha pokhchu, timi maafi magchau
Timi jaadu garchau, malai kaabu garchau

Ma bholi herthiye, timi hijo mai thiyau
Naboli basey, timi taadha bhayaau
Ma saamu aauthey, timi janu bhanthyau
Timi jadu garchhau, malai kabu garchau

Timi aago thiyeu, malai salkai rahyau
Timle ghau haru feri baljhai sakyau
Ma hasna khojchu, timi bhabuk banchau
Timi jadu garchau, malai kaabu garchau

Timi mohani hau, ma lobhiyechu
Maile paye jasto, timi khoji mai chau
Ma saacho bhanchu, timle sachiyena chau
Timi jaadu garchau, malai kabu garchau

Timi chiso bhayau, malai dhilo bhayo
Sajilo raicha kati chito gayaau
Yo kaalo aakash paila nilo thiyo
Timi haasho thiyau, aaba aasu banchau
(Timi jadu garchau, malai kaabu garchau!) x2


KAVI G – Timi Jadu Garchau [Official Audio] – Aaja Arko Panna Chyatincha EP:


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