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TIMRA SAPANA HARU (तिम्रा सपना हरु) Lyrics in English by Prajina: The song titled “Timra Sapana Haru” (तिम्रा सपना हरु) is the fifth and the outro song from the EP titled “Shabda Haru” (शब्दहरू) by the talented, and young Nepalese singer-songwriter artist, Prajina. The song is written and performed by the artist Prajina herself. Whereas, it is mixed and produced by Ronim.

The EP Shabda Haru (शब्दहरू) by Prajina comprises five songs in total: Shabda Haru, Antarikchya, Bloom|Basanta, Bhulideu, and Timra Sapana Haru. Shabda Haru EP was officially released on 6th November 2023 (Monday) through all major streaming sites including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music.

Song: Timra Sapana Haru (Outro) – तिम्रा सपना हरु by Prajina
EP: Shabda Haru (शब्दहरू)
Written, Composed, and Performed by: Prajina
Produced and Mixed by: Ronim

SHABDA HARU - ANTARIKCHYA - BLOOM - BASANTA - BHULIDEU - TIMRA SAPANA HARU - Lyrics in English - Prajina - शब्दहरू - Shabda Haru EP - Prajina Lamichhane - New Album - Latest - Popular - Aman Karna
Shabda Haru (शब्दहरू) by Prajina

Timra Sapana Haru Lyrics

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Hijo rati ko sapana ma
Dekhey timi lai dherai pachi
Hijo raati ko sapana ma
Khushi bhaye ma dherai pachi
Hijo rati ko sapana bata uthera
Timrai aakriti pachyaye
Malai thahacha, timro maana ko kura
Tadhi janne maya le kina malai sataucha

Timra aakha haru, mera aakha haru
Makmakaauchan, hamra bhhaka haru

Uthera timrai akriti pachyaye
Malai thahacha, timro maan ko kura
Taadhi janney maaya ley
Kina malai sataaucha, sataucha!


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