TIMRAI NIMTI Lyrics in English – Chhewang Lama

TIMRAI NIMTI Lyrics in English by Chhewang Lama: the song titled “Timrai Nimti” (तिम्रै निम्ति) is a fresh new release song from the talented Nepalese singer-songwriter artist, Chhewang Lama. The song and its official music video were released on 16th January 2024 (Tuesday) on the special occasion of the artist’s channel hitting a milestone of 1 Million YouTube subscribers. Timrai Nimti is also available to stream or download on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Chhewang Lama (छेवाङ लामा) through his YouTube writes: In favour of this auspicious moment, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the people that supported me throughout my journey. To all my close ones and to all my supporters, which without them this would not have been possible. Thank you for 1 million subscribers. Thank you for making this possible. I love you guys.

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Timrai Nimti (तिम्रै निम्ति) by Chhewang Lama (छेवाङ लामा)

तिम्रै निम्ति – Timrai Nimti Lyrics

“छेवाङ लामा – Chhewang Lama Lyrics”


(Timrai nimti bachey ma
Timi sangai marna paau
Timi nai mero saahara
Aauna mero haata samau) x2

Timrai cha naam, timrai cha maya
Maana ka kunna kunna maa
Timrai cha naam, timrai cha maya
Maana ka kunna kunna maa

(Yii aakha ma hera mero
Sapana timrai sajaye
Pagal chu ma timrai lagi
Timro naam liyi karaye) x2

Jhuto nasamjha mero maaya
Timrai ta huu ma hera yaha

Timrai nimti bache ma
Timi sangaai marna pau
Timi nai mero sahara
Aau na mero haat samau!


Chhewang Lama – Timrai Nimti [Official Music Video]:


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