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PRASHNA Lyrics in English by Mr.Hyozu: The song titled “Prashna” is a fresh new release single track from the Nepalese singer-songwriter, gamer, and streamer Safal Hyozu, who is more popularly known by his stage name Mr.Hyozu. The song along with its official music video by Hangphe Studio Productions and starring the artist himself and Prajita Waiba was released on 14th February 2024 (Wednesday) through Mr.Hyozu’s official YouTube channel.

Mr.Hyozu through his YouTube writes: ‘Prashna’ depicts a story of a guy who is drowned in a sea of questions after an abrupt disappearance of his partner from his life. He keeps wondering what went wrong, and yearns to know if it was him who was to be blamed. He lives the same life everyday, but in all the smallest of actions they used to do together, he still finds a part of her and the moments they cherished together. ‘Prashna’ is all about his pursuit of the answers to these intangible questions.

Song: Prashna (प्रश्न)
Written and Composed by: Mr.Hyozu
Produced by: B2 Sanjal Bhandari
Music Produced by: Gain Studio
Sarangi by: Manish Gandharva

PRASHNA Lyrics in English - Mr.Hyozu - Safal Hyozu - प्रश्न - Gain Studio - Sanjal Bhandari B2 - B2 Sanjal Bhandari - New Nepali Song Lyrics - Hangphe Studio Productions - Prajita Waiba - Manish Gandharva - Streamer
Prashna by Mr.Hyozu

Prashna Lyrics

“Mr.Hyozu Lyrics”


Gareka baada haru sabai nibhaideu na
Sadhai bhari sangai hunne bhanthiyau
Tara aaja k bhayo, bhhana na
Mayalu timi lai nai parkhi basey chu
Sapana adhuro nai chhadi najannu
Hridaya ko maya sabai timi lai
Sumpisaakeko naai chhu
Timro sabai sapana aafno banaisakekai chu
Aafu lai timi mai haraisakeko chu
Haata le maana lai samhalna aaidinu

Tara ekkasi k bhayo timi lai
Maana le maya garna chodyo ki malai
Kaha gayau timi mero mutu chodi
Malai eklai chodera yaaha
Maana le bolaucha timlai khojirahancha
Prashna nai eutai cha timro barey
Kaha gayau timi mero mutu chhodi
Malaai eklaai choderaa yaha
Maan le bolaucha timlai khojirahancha
Prashna nai eutai cha timro barey

Kasari ma bhanu yo mana ko bhawana lai
Gumsera baseko cha maana mai
Ma yehi baseko chu samatera yaad haru
Timi aaune prashna mai aljhidai!


Mr.Hyozu – Prashna [Official Music Video]:


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